Stuck at PHX Sky Harbor Airport for a few hours?

Don’t waste your time sitting at Cinnabon or pay $10 for the same crappy beer you can get back home for less than $4.

Make the most of the opportunity and check out the Valley of the Sun!

I can transform your boring layover into the best part of your trip.

How does it work?

We pick you up from the airport, bring you to the destination of your choice, and return you back to the airport in time for your flight. No need to worry about your suitcase, and we provide what you need for the experience (eg, water and a backpack if you’re hiking).

What do you want to experience?

We work with you to create the experience you want

We’re locals, and we know this city. Not just the items listed on TripAdvisor, but the places we actually bring our own visiting friends and family. We can work with you to design the trip you really want.

What we charge

Fees vary depending on the activity involved, but generally average about $50/hour (SUMMER SALE: we’re offering tours at $35 an hour for the summer!)

Book now!

Send us a message with your schedule and what you’re interested in doing. We’ll respond with some suggestions and can work with you to ensure you get just the experience you want.




Photo by Jerry Ferguson